The À Venir Way is a black owned clothing company whose mission is to uplift women's confidence and inner strength. Design serves as our anchor in completing this mission. Besides clothing, The À Viner Way offers other goods such as accessories, journals, mugs, and more.

  • The À Venir Way "Forthcoming", is an experience that was birthed to simply remind women of how powerful, beautiful, and amazing we are every day. It's not just an online shop but an experience that is designed to inspire women while at work, wearing our Business Collection, on the weekend, wearing our Statement Collection, or in any way you choose with our Minimalistic Collection.

    In the beginning, the company intended to create inspirational journals and T-shirts. A design that explains what a word means to Demetrius and why it should be re-formed into a positive meaning rather than a negative one. As time passed on, she wanted the company to become more involved with the customers and expanded its offerings to include more styles and clothing items. Through the assistance of her Graphic Designer Jazmine, The À Venir Way was updated/rebranded.

  • The À Venir Way brand is authentically designed by our very own Jazmine Q. Alexander. Ms. Alexander is a Graphic Designer, and owner of Jazmine has a natural eye for beauty, color theory, and aesthetics. 

    "As both a designer and a black woman, I found this project to be both eye-opening and educational. Certain words are always associated with black women negatively, so it was exciting to see these words used positively. We were able to accomplish this through the company's mission by making the illustrations and designs come to life and visualizing that."

    Check out the original work completed by Jazmine in each of our Collections (Business, Statement, and Minimalistic). Other items provided will allow you to build your own Look Concept. However, make sure to walk away with at least one or two original pieces. Most of all, celebrate black designers and business owners as we continue to build legacies.  

    Jazmine Website on The À Venir Way Brand